Host Organisation: Bristol Law Centre

Aisha Khokhar

I have always possessed a strong and innate sense of social justice undoubtedly influenced by my upbringing as a first-generation Pakistani. My mum arrived in the UK with little or no English. Growing up as an Asian female in the inner city from a low-income background I became aware from an early age of what disadvantage meant realising things were not as they should, or could be.

I completed my Law degree in 2013 at the University of the West of England during this time I worked as a Aimhigher Associate where I was allocated mentees of secondary school level. I provided support, encouragement and raised aspirations and awareness of further education. In 2019 I completed my LPC specialising in employment, family and advance criminal litigation. Prior to taking up my training contract through the Justice First Fellowship Scheme at Bristol Law Centre January 2022 I worked as a paralegal at Bristol Council and Irwin Mitchell.

Becoming a social welfare solicitor had never been on my radar but I have always wanted to help people, however my various employment and personal life experiences inspired me to develop a career in social welfare law.

For me, becoming a social welfare solicitor is a further means by which I can continue championing justice for the disadvantaged and vulnerable especially those who are facing difficult situations and would have no other recourse to exercising their rights.


This project will focus on providing legal advice and assistance to people from the BAME Community, especially the South Asian community. The aim is to tackle the issue of not being able to access legal advice, isolation, and impact on health due to being too afraid to seek advice or due to barriers of race, language, and location. I intend to address this problem by offering a drop-in clinic in an environment which is safe and easy to access and working closely with community groups to communicate the service, and to design what is most needed.

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