Should I leave my application to the last day (minute)?

No. Whilst the Foundation will endeavour to ensure that applications can be submitted online right up to the deadline, it is always possible that high demand to the website servers may result in delays or disruption beyond our control. If such a situation should occur, the Foundation makes no guarantee that your application will be accepted.

What does the Justice First Fellowship offer?

The Justice First Fellowship has been established to provide opportunities for intending lawyers who are committed to public welfare law to take up a two year training period with one of the Fellowship’s Host Organisations.

When would the training period start?

For English and Welsh or Scottish Training Contract positions, in the January following the application process.

For Northern Irish positions, in the April following the application process.

I won’t get the result of my LPC/DLP until after the closing date for applications, can I still apply?

Yes. You must have passed the appropriate qualification at the time of application, or expect to pass it by the 31st October.

Which Organisations are offering Training Contracts?

Each year the Organisations participating in the Scheme will be listed in the Opportunities section of this site as they sign up. This is normally during the spring.

How many of the Host Organisations can I apply to?

One. You may only apply to one Host Organisation.

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