Each year, the Foundation runs an open application process to invite proposals from specialist legal agencies to host Fellows. Most Fellowships are hosted in not for profit agencies, who receive a grant from TLEF that fully covers the salary, supervision and support costs of employing the Fellow. We also aim to include in each intake a small number of private specialist social welfare law firms where the Foundation will offer 50% of the full cost of employing and supervising the Fellow.

Application is via a competitive process against a set of criteria which aim to identify organisations where Fellows will receive excellent training and the best possible preparation for life after the scheme.

In past years we have offered pupil barrister positions, as well as trainee solicitor positions in all four countries of the UK. We are currently reviewing arrangements for supporting barristers. If you are interested in hosting a trainee solicitor Justice First Fellow, take a look at trainee solicitor page. Alternatively, click on the image below to read about the Fellowship and what is required of host organisations.

JFF Host Information Booklet

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