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New Law Journal

There are over 100 Justice First Fellows(JFFs) of which more than half are now qualified — with the majority working as lawyers in the social justice sector. Fiona Bawdon explains why this ground‑breaking scheme is aimed at firms, as well as not-for-profit agencies.

Justice First Fellows: a boost for the whole justice sector22-Jan-2021

New Law Journal

For Ollie Persey, it was a foot and mouth outbreak; for Mark McDonald Loncke, it was street homelessness. Fiona Bawdon talks to Justice First Fellows about why they ‘signed up to change the world’.

Jolly Good Fellows4-Sep-2020

Justice Gap

‘The Home Office is known for a culture of disbelief, but Albanian children seeking asylum are disbelieved more than most.’ Justice First Fellow Esme Madill, solicitor at Islington Law Centre’s Migrant & Refugee Children’s Legal Unit on why she set up Breaking the Chains to support young Albanians who have fled to the UK. Interview by Fiona Bawdon

All My Days – Esme Madill6-Sep-2019

Law Society Gazette

‘I wanted to get the highest grades I could, as I was worried that as a woman over 30 with children, a mobility impairment and a scouse accent I might struggle to obtain a training contract.’

My legal life: Siobhan Taylor-Ward2-Sep-2019

Justice Gap

‘We made the reunion application for my client – her daughter’s was granted but her son’s was refused.’ Justice First Fellow and solicitor at Bristol Law Centre Barbara Likulunga on the highs and lows of being a social justice lawyer. Interview by Fiona Bawdon

All My Days – Barbara Likulunga25-Jun-2019

Liverpool Law Magazine

Siobhan Taylor-Ward is nearing the end of her training contract as part of the Justice First Fellowship which is funded through the Legal Education Foundation. Here, Siobhan writes about her training and the importance of JFF to trainee solicitors, law centres, and access to justice…

Justice First FellowJun-2019


An unconventional yet holistic route to the Bar for the Justice First Fellow at Public Law Project and a meaningful use of law.

Justice first fellowJun-2019

Law Society Gazette

Justice First Fellow and solicitor at Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre Sophie Earnshaw is the Law Society Gazette’s ‘Lawyer in the news’, after successfully acting for an acid attack victim who was threatened with losing her disability benefits.

Lawyer in the news: Sophie Earnshaw13-May-2019

Justice Gap

Justice First Fellow and trainee solicitor at Suffolk Law Centre on her best and worst days as a social justice lawyer. Interview by Fiona Bawdon

All my days: Pippa Banham2-May-2019

The Law Society Gazette

“There are no lawyers in my family; none even in my home town in Poland. I was the first of my family to go to university.”

My legal life: Karolina Rychlicka18-Mar-2019

New Law Journal

What can social justice lawyers in the UK learn from across the Atlantic about innovative ways to fund and deliver legal services? Fiona Bawdon explains

Once a Justice First Fellow, always a Justice First Fellow31-Jan-2019

The Justice Gap

What England and Wales can learn from Scotland’s youth justice system, by Just For Kids Law’s Justice First Fellow Alex Temple

Learning from Scotland’s alternative to youth criminal justice7-Dec-2018

What the TV series Better Call Saul can tell us about the state of the UK criminal records system, by Just for Kids Law’s Justice First Fellow Alex Temple

What can Better Call Saul tell us about the state of the UK criminal records system?23-Oct-2018

Just for Kids Law

Just for Kids Law’s Justice First Fellow has written a free handbook for practitioners explaining the rules around criminal records

Police Records: A Guide for ProfessionalsOct-2018

Huffington Post

School exclusions are a legal issue, but we treat them as anything but, says Just for Kids Law’s Justice First Fellow Alex Temple

School Exclusions Can Be Life-Changing. All Children And Their Families Should Have The Right To Legal Advice15-Oct-2018

New Law Journal

The first two cohorts of Justice First Fellows have now qualified. Fiona Bawdon looks at how they are faring

Legal life changers spread their wings27-Jul-2018

New Law Journal

"The Justice First Fellowship scheme is using law to change the world", says Fiona Bawdon

Legal life changers27-Apr-2018

The Guardian

Denisa Gannon: The first Roma person to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales wants to empower others by improving access to the law

"Roma people are not getting justice"20-Mar-2018

Legal Voice

The second cohort of nine Justice First Fellows graduated in February 2018, after completing their legal training and qualifying as solicitors

Second cohort of Justice First Fellows graduate22-Feb-2018

New Law Journal

Ronagh Craddock and Sami Halpern on life as a Justice First Fellow

"You feel part of something bigger"14-Dec-2017

Legal Voice

Belfast-based Justice First Fellow Emma-Rose Duffy on what the UK can learn from child-friendly courts in America

"Child friendly courts: what we can learn form America"11-Dec-2017

New Law Journal

CEO Matthew Smerdon writes in New Law Journal magazine about the Foundation’s flagship Fellowship scheme

"Why we are building sustainable justice first"8-Dec-2017

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