Host Organisation: Harrow Law Centre 2022

Masiullah Bashardust

Briefly explain your most recent educational background and any work (paid or voluntary) you were doing before you began your Fellowship?

I studied the LPC on a part-time basis at BPP in Holborn (London) which I very much enjoyed particularly my two electives, Immigration Law and Employment Law.
Whilst studying part-time I was working full-time as a paralegal for the Infected Blood Inquiry, and then moved to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry prior to starting at the Harrow Law Centre in April 2023. In addition, I volunteered at the Free From Fear charity (previously called Azadi) where I assisted vulnerable Afghans with their relocation to a safe country.

Why did you want to apply for a Justice First Fellowship?

I applied for a Justice First Fellowship because I wanted to make a tangible impact in my community and help those who need it the most. I knew that through JFF I would be able to use the law as a tool for positive change. Access to justice is paramount and I want to help vulnerable individuals having their voice heard, helping them to challenge discrimination and hold perpetrators (whatever their rank or office is) accountable. In my view, there is nothing more rewarding than being part of a team that pursues and executes the above aims daily.

Complete the following sentence: ‘Outside of my legal interests, I enjoy…’

long walks, playing football, watching football (specifically Arsenal FC), reading (strictly non-fiction), and spending time with family and friends.

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