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Emma Bhermi

Briefly explain your most recent educational background and any work (paid or voluntary) you were doing before you began your Fellowship?

Whilst studying for the Graduate Diploma in Law and the Legal Practice Course, I did various voluntary roles and pro bono work because of my commitment to social justice. I have been involved in organisations such as Citizens Advice, Law Stop Community Care, and the Intervene Project, providing legal advice and representation to individuals in need. I have also fundraised for refugee aid and served as a Regional Rep for SolidariTee, supporting NGOs that provide legal aid to refugees.

Why did you want to apply for a Justice First Fellowship?

In my professional career, I have gained valuable experience working as a Paralegal at Bindmans LLP, where I was involved in working on the civil claims for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, as well as working with the Public Inquiry Team on the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

Complete the following sentence: ‘Outside of my legal interests, I enjoy…’

learning and speaking other languages. I am fluent in Spanish as well as having an an intermediate understanding of written and spoken Italian. I further refined my fluency of these languages during my year abroad whilst teaching English in Peru and studying in Italy as part of my BA in Italian and Spanish Language.

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