Shelter Scotland

We strive every day to give people struggling with bad housing or homelessness the help they need, through our advice, support and legal services. We campaign relentlessly to achieve our vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone. This is your chance to play a part in the fundamental change we are aiming to achieve. Continue Reading Shelter Scotland

About Shelter

A home is a fundamental human need, as essential as education or healthcare. Yet millions of people across Britain struggle on a daily basis with homelessness, bad housing conditions, soaring rents, discrimination and the threat of eviction.

Above all we seek a transformation in housing policy, including investment in homes people on low incomes can actually afford – an investment that has been missing for decades and from all political parties, so that now the human cost has become intolerable.

We need ambitious, best-in-class individuals who are passionate about our cause to join us at this exciting time. This is your chance to play a part in the fundamental change we are striving to achieve.

Why Join Shelter?

We welcome anyone to apply who possess the qualities and behaviours outlined or who believes they have the propensity
to learn them fast. You will be joining an inclusive and supportive team who welcome people from all backgrounds. What’s
important isn’t your the opportunities which you have had, it’s about you and how you seize the opportunities ahead of

  • We are happy to talk about flexible working, personal growth, and to promote a workplace where you can be yourself and
    achieve success based only on your merit. We also offer the following benefits:
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible working practices
  • 30 days paid holiday plus bank holidays
  • Competitive pension scheme
  • Salary sacrifice schemes

Diversity Statement

At Shelter we are united by our purpose to defend the right to a safe home; our enemy is the social injustice at the core of
the escalating housing emergency. We believe to win that fight; we must be representative of the people we are here to
help and those who support our movement for change. In all our people decisions, we take pride in being inclusive, fair,
equitable and transparent.

We have committed to combat racism both within and outside Shelter and welcome you on our journey to becoming a truly
anti-racist organisation.

About the Team

Shelter Scotland Housing Law Service comprises 11 solicitors, lay representative and experienced legal support staff. We
deliver the highest quality housing advice and litigation services throughout Scotland.

We work closely with other teams in Shelter Scotland’s services, taking referrals of complex cases to ensure that Shelter can
provide an end-to-end service to its clients. In addition to supporting individual clients, we also provide digital advice and
training to other solicitors and advice agencies as well as supporting the organisational priorities of policy and campaigning
on social welfare law and access to justice issues.

We have a national reputation for excellence in housing law and a long history of seeking to assist the development of Scots
law in the field of homelessness and issues of inadequate housing through litigation. We use the law to solve people’s
problems and test the limits of the law. We want to be able to offer all Shelter clients a complete advice and advocacy
service and to fill gaps in existing legal services. In the challenging current environment, offering legal solutions to enable
people to access, keep and improve their homes whilst maintaining cost effectiveness requires innovation, imagination and
high calibre financial and problem-solving skills.

About the Role

To provide a specialist casework service in Housing and Public law and related areas including advice and litigation work.

For further information, visit our website.

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