APPEAL is a charity and law practice that fights for a system in which people are at far less risk of miscarriages of justice and unfair sentences, and all such wrongs are righted as a matter of urgency. Continue Reading APPEAL

  • We undertake not just legal representation but also thorough factual investigation, in order to uncover the fresh evidence which is vital to proving convictions are unsafe.
  • We also provide holistic support to those we represent and their families.
  • The individual cases we take on act as the spotlight with which we can pick out the flaws in the justice system and we work to amplify the voices of victims of miscarriages of justice in advocating for legal change.
  • We garner media coverage exposing shocking cases of injustice to open the eyes of the public and put pressure on politicians, with whom we also engage directly to explain where the problems lie and what needs to be reformed.
  • In order to increase the support available to victims of miscarriages of justice, we also provide training to lawyers working with us pro bono, and to law students, to inspire the legal profession to take on this challenge and join us in fighting for change.

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