Vauxhall Community Law & Information Centre

Vauxhall Community Law and Information centre (VCLIC) provides a free legal advice service to residents of our community, the Liverpool City Region. The Centre has an excellent reputation for delivering a high quality free legal advice service. We are members of the Law Centre’s Network and provide services accredited to the Advice Quality Service Standard, who independently audit the standards and quality of the work we undertake. Continue Reading Vauxhall Community Law & Information Centre

We give advice on all Welfare benefits, specialising in disability benefits as we have identified it as being the largest and most important concern amongst our community. We also offer free legal advice on housing issues and debt issues, from fuel and utility debts to Council Tax arrears. We support our service users in a holistic manner to ensure that the approach we take when giving support and advice is exhaustive. We are extremely proud of the service that we provide, we continue to develop our advice service so that we can support the communities of Vauxhall and the Liverpool City Region for the foreseeable future.

The majority of our service users are vulnerable people and who often have illnesses, poor mental health and disabilities. They suffer from poverty and increasing debts often due to low income levels in the region. The Centre provides advice and support to many disabled peopled, carers, people with illiteracy, learning difficulties and mental health issues based in the Liverpool City Region.

Our service aims are;

  1. Combat social exclusion by raising income levels, maximising benefits and helping to control debt levels through advice work
  2. Make available to people advice and representation to which they would not otherwise have access so that they can better assert their rights
  3. Provide a high quality, independent advice service which is free to users.
  4. Reduce poverty and improve people’s sense of health and well-being and promote independence for disabled people and their carers through the provision of welfare law advice.
  5. Promote equality and the active challenging of discrimination through advice and representation

Our Vision:

  1. To provide free legal advice, assistance and representation on all legal matters particularly to the residents or those employed in the Vauxhall district of Liverpool.
  2. To conduct and contribute to research into any area of law and to disseminate the results of such activities.
  3. Provide public legal education to individuals or other such community organisations on legal matters concerned with the welfare of deprived communities.
  4. Promote a better understanding of the role of the law and the legal rights and duties of individuals.
  5. Sponsor research into the legal needs of deprived areas.

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