Host Organisation: Govan Law Centre

Irzum Mahmood

I completed both my accelerated LLB and Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at the University of Glasgow. My first degree was in Law and Psychology from the University of Strathclyde.

During the first year of my accelerated degree I secured a volunteering position at Govanhill Law Centre, which was an extremely rewarding experience. I continued with this position throughout my degree, diploma and even after graduation. Throughout the years I gained a real insight into how social welfare law applied in practice and was able to assist many vulnerable clients, particularly those within the BME community.

Project – Targeting the unmet legal need of the BME community

The project will aim to meet the unmet legal need of the BME community by increasing the provision of legal services in particular areas, such as housing, eviction, employment, etc. The project will consist of setting up a weekly legal clinic at a community organisation that is accessible to the BME community and will allow them to discuss their legal issues openly and in a confidential environment. The clinic will be a means to break down barriers that the BME community have to obtaining legal advice.

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