Fellow: Farida Elfallah

Legal Services Agency

Legal Services Agency (LSA) is Scotland’s largest law centre and is committed to tackling the unmet legal needs of those in disadvantage. It has done so for 26 years through the provision of legal advice, representation in courts/tribunals, research, publications, seminars and education.

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LSA undertakes work in the areas of debt, mental health, housing, discrimination, welfare benefits, community care and immigration and asylum law. It does so through the following specific projects:-

  • Protecting the rights of women who have been affected by gender based violence (Refugee and Migrant Women’s Project and the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre).
  • Protecting the rights of migrant and young people (Young Persons’ Project).
  • Preventing homelessness, defended eviction, mortgage repossession (Housing and General Court Department).
  • Protecting the rights of those diagnosed with, or affected by, mental health problems (Mental Health Legal Service).
  • The provision of public legal education through hosting training and seminars (Seminar Department).

LSA has offices in Central and North Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverclyde (west of Scotland) and provides services to individuals and organisations throughout Scotland.

The successful candidate will undertake three seats of the Fellowship within the Women and Young Persons’ Department at LSA. The fourth seat will take place within another LSA litigation department.

The Women and Young Persons’ Department currently provides the following:-

  • A targeted legal service to women in Scotland who have been affected by gender based violence through its in-house Refugee and Migrant Women’s Project and through its participation as the legal partner with the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre.
  • A targeted legal service to refugee and migrant young people in Scotland who are under the age of 25 through its Young Persons’ Project.
  • Policy, training and research activities in order to improve outcomes for its client group.

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