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Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

We want to live in a country in which immigration law and policy are based on sound evidence, promote the rule of law and are underpinned by respect for human rights and human dignity. In which no individual or family is made vulnerable or destitute or faces the denial of fundamental human rights as a result of immigration law or its application.

We want to live in a country in which the benefits of migration are celebrated and shared, with no community, migrant or non-migrant, left behind. And a country in which diverse communities are also cohesive and stable communities. In which the politics of migration do not rely on or fuel fear, division and animosity.

We particularly welcome applications from individuals with experience of migration and/or a refugee background.

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JCWI are a small charity but we punch above our weight. We work toward this vision of a better Britain by:

  • Challenging unjust laws and practices that restrict rights and lead to discrimination;
  • Influencing the debate on migration and fighting against the politics of hate and fear;
  • Supporting vulnerable individuals & families with reliable, high-quality legal advice;
  • Improving the quality of advice elsewhere through training and capacity building;
  • Building and supporting progressive movements at the grassroots and at the national level.

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