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Family Rights Group

Family Rights Group is a national charity whose aims are to enable children to be raised safely and thrive within their family and community and to strengthen the positive family and community support networks of young people who cannot live with their parents. Family Rights Group advises and supports over 5000 families a year who require, or are involved with, children’s social care services because of child welfare needs or concerns.

Established in 1974, Family Rights Group (FRG) works with parents in England and Wales whose children are in need, at risk or are in the care system, and with members of the wider family and friends network who are raising children unable to remain at home. We advise parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends about their rights and options when social workers or courts make decisions about their children’s welfare.

FRG runs a specialist legal advice service for families involved in the child welfare and family justice system. The service comprises:

  • A confidential, free phone line for families open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3.00pm
  • Free, up to date information via the FRG website including Frequently Asked Questions, interactive advice features, and electronic advice sheets
  • A moderated electronic discussion board for parents and a separate discussion board for families and friends carers (i.e. relatives, such as grandparents, older siblings or friends who are raising a child who is unable to live with their parents. Family and friends carers are also known as kinship carers).

The charity promotes effective family support, the increased involvement of families in decision making, advocacy for families when child protection processes are initiated and adequate support for kinship carers. We champion family group conferences and Lifelong Links, alongside other policies and practices that keep children safe within their family and strengthen the positive family and support networks of those children who cannot live with their parents. These goals drive the development of projects and services, as well as our campaign activity. All of Family Rights Group’s campaigning, policy and research work is informed by families with experience of the child welfare system.

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