Host Organisation: Central England Law Centre 2023

Ceyda Kemanci

Briefly explain your most recent educational background and any work (paid or voluntary) you were doing before you began your Fellowship?

I finished my LPC with a distinction at the University of Huddersfield where I also finished my bachelor’s degree with a first. I was awarded the Chadwick Lawrence MLP Prize for Best Student in Employment Law and Practice. During my LLB and LPC I volunteered with various charities including the Human Rights Solidarity where I contributed to projects about human rights. I also volunteered at the Dialogue Society working in projects to enhance dialogue with the aim of advancing social cohesion by connecting communities.

Why did you want to apply for a Justice First Fellowship?

My aim in pursuing a career in the legal sector is to work towards a just and equitable society. My desire to help people stems from a strong belief in social justice. I firmly believe that ensuring everyone’s fundamental human rights fosters integrity and goodness within individuals. Having resided in several countries and immersed myself in various cultures, I have come to recognise that the cornerstone of social cohesion lies in access to a fair justice system. The Justice First Fellowship perfectly aligns with my aspirations, and I am thrilled to work with like-minded individuals with dedication to enhance access to justice.

Complete the following sentence: ‘Outside of my legal interests, I enjoy…’

Outside of my legal interests, I enjoy spending time with my family and cats. I also enjoy listening to music, photography, and crochet amigurumi. I love visiting ancient cities and capturing the architecture through photography. I love traveling and learning about diverse cultures and customs embracing each person I meet as an opportunity for a new perspective and understanding.

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