Host Organisation: Community Advice and Law Service 2023

Annelies Khumalo

Briefly explain your most recent educational background and any work (paid or voluntary) you were doing before you began your Fellowship?

I have completed my LPC and LLM with the University of Law and I studied International Law LLB at the University of Lancaster. Before starting my Fellowship, I worked at an American immigration firm in Sheffield where I worked alongside 3 different jurisdictions, as an immigration coordinator.

Why did you want to apply for a Justice First Fellowship?

I applied for a Justice First Fellowship (JFF) because their mission aligns with my own values and aspirations. I have always shown interest in advocating for the welfare of others and promoting social justice. I believe in equal access to justice for all, regardless of factors like age, race, background, or religion. JFF focusses on these vital areas, and I am confident that participating in the fellowship will enable me to fulfil my full potential as a future solicitor dedicated to social welfare.

Complete the following sentence: ‘Outside of my legal interests, I enjoy…’

Outside of my legal interests, I enjoy travelling. I just got back from my easter holiday in America and Canada. I also enjoy swimming, reading bible scriptures and spending time in my local church where I volunteer. Watching sports especially football is something I also enjoy, even though the team and country I support give me frequent heartbreaks.

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