What does the Justice First Fellowship offer?
The Justice First Fellowship has been established to provide opportunities for intending lawyers who are committed to public welfare law to take up a two year training period with one of the Fellowship’s Host Organisations.

When would the training period start?
For Training Contracts, this will usually be in the January following the application process. So for example, for 2015 applications, January 2016.
For Pupillages, the first year will usually start in the September of the year of application, with the Pupillage year in Chambers starting in the following October. So for example, for 2016 applications, Pupillage would start in October 2017, following a year spent with the Bar Pro Bono Unit.

I won’t get the result of my LPC/DLP until after the closing date for applications, can I still apply?
Not this year. You must have passed the appropriate qualification at the time of application.

I won’t get the result of my BPTC until after the closing date for applications, can I still apply?
You will need to have passed the BPTC before starting the first year of the scheme. Any offers made will be conditional upon you successfully completing the BPTC within that timescale.

Which Organisations are offering Training Contracts?
Each year the Organisations participating in the Scheme will be listed in the Opportunities section of this site as they sign up. This is normally during the spring.

How many of the Host Organisations can I apply to?
One. You may only apply to one Host Organisation.

Can I use a mobile device to fill in the Application Form?
Yes, a mobile device (tablet or phone) can be used to fill in the application form. It should be said, however, that this website is generally better viewed on a desktop/laptop display. If possible, we would advise the use of a desktop/laptop when using this website.

Is the Application Form compatible with all web browsers?
The application form has been tested with the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera) on a number of platforms (desktop/laptop/tablet and phone). No issues have been found when using the latest versions of these browsers on Windows 8.1 platforms or Android devices. Likewise, no problems have been identified running Safari on an iPad.

There is a potential compatibility issue when running Google Chrome on a Windows 7 platform. This manifests itself as a failure to expand the active panel on pages with multiple panels (Registration, Qualifications and Personal Statements). If you experience this problem, try using a different browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera have all been tested on Windows 7).

The above problem can also occur when running Mozilla Firefox on Apple products (Mac/MacBook/iPad/iPhone). If you experience this problem, try using a different browser (Safari and Google Chrome have been tested on Apple OS X).

Is there any online help to aid with filling in the Application Form?
Yes, each data entry field has a help box that can be viewed by moving the mouse pointer over the ‘?’ help icon next to it.

On mobile devices, there is currently no way to invoke these help boxes, so they are reproduced here.

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