We are very aware that there was an issue with website availability last night (and possibly over the weekend) that prevented some people submitting their application forms by the 30th September deadline.

We apologise to those that were affected in that way and appreciate it must have been very frustrating for you.

Consequently, we have extended the application period until midnight tonight (1st October) for those who have already registered and started filling in their application form.

The problem last night was caused by high demand on the web servers, but we have been working hard today to improve the performance and hope that we won’t experience problems going forward.

If you do experience problems tonight, please contact us at jff-admin@thelef.org

This mail address will be monitored overnight and tomorrow for this specific purpose. Please don’t use it beyond this time as it will not be monitored and you will not get a reply. We will not be able to enter into correspondence about your application once it has been made.

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