Don’t miss your chance to apply for one of the fifteen Training Contract positions on offer this year.

Training Contracts are on offer at:

  • Brighton Housing Trust
  • Coram Children’s Legal Centre
  • Deighton Pierce Glynn
  • Derbyshire Law Centre
  • Govan Law Centre
  • Greater Manchester Law Centre
  • Hackney Community Law Centre
  • Just for Kids Law
  • Legal Advice Centre (University House)
  • Liberty
  • Mary Ward Legal Centre
  • Migrant and Refugee Children’s Legal Unit
  • Minton Morrill Solicitors
  • North Kensington Law Centre
  • Speakeasy Advice Centre

In previous years, many candidates have applied in the last hour, or even, minute! This puts a large load on our website that, so far, we’ve been able to cope with. However, for a number of reasons (not all within our control), this may not always be the case. Whilst we make every effort to deal with the peak load, we can’t guarantee that we’ll always be able to do so. So, don’t leave it until late tonight, get your application in now!

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