You will be able to apply for The Justice First Fellowship Scheme here from 3rd August 2015.

We are still in the process of finalising the last few Host Organisations for 2015, and their details will be published on this site shortly.

In the meantime, the details of the Host Organisations that have already agreed to take a Fellow this year can be seen at the 2015 Opportunities page.

As last year, to submit an application you will first be required to register through the online application system. This will involve providing an email address we can contact you at and generating a password. Those that used the online application system last year will be able to re-use their registration details from last year (you can change your email address or request a password reset if necessary).

The application form comprises mostly standard questions about you, your background and your qualifications. But there are a number of questions that require a more considered response. To enable you to start thinking about your response to these questions before applications open, we are listing them here:

  1. Why does social welfare law matter? What do you consider to be the most pressing issue or issues facing social welfare law? Why?
    Please limit your answer to no more than 400 words
  2. In which specific area or areas of law do you most want to develop a career? Please give reasons for your answer. What are the opportunities and barriers facing this area of law and how might these be navigated?
    Please limit your answer to no more than 400 words
  3. Explain how you have used, or how you would like to use, the law to effect change. Where possible please relate your answer to work conducted through students’ groups, voluntary organisations or paid employment or research you have conducted.
    Please limit your answer to no more than 400 words
  4. What skills and qualities do you have that would make you a good leader in the field of social welfare law. Please give examples of when you have used these skills or qualities.
    Please limit your answers to no more than 400 words.
  5. Please give reasons for your choice of host organisation.
    Please limit your answer to no more than 300 words

Applications – open 3rd August 2015





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